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Bergen, Norway.

On my way to the west coast of Norway from Oslo, I passed thru the snow-covered mountains of Myrdal. There, people were gearing up on some of the hundreds of mountain bikes which were at the ready to tour the Rallar Road cycle track which winds its way down from the high mountain region thru alpine areas, past natural habitats of arctic foxes and wild reindeer, to the valley towns far below. My train rode thru it all….

Upon arriving, I soaked up the small town atmosphere of Bergen, which is nestled at the base of seven mountains and is the gateway to the fjords, Scandinavia’s biggest attraction. The small city has a very unique charm with lots of flowers, cobbled streets, wooden houses, and delicacies of the sea which are on sale daily at the Hanseatic fish market wharf. In keeping with my knack for adventurous eating, I enjoyed some fresh fjord prawns and ate a whale meat sandwich. I rode the city on a bike I borrowed from the hotel and pottered around the harbor front, passing sleek boats, seafood stands, and iconic wooden houses.

Foot note: I skipped the world’s only leprosy museum. Maybe next time. Plus it cost an arm and a leg to get in.

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