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Dining in Estonia…with apologies to Rudolph.

I sailed across the Gulf of Finland for a brief excursion to the small country of Estonia, adjacent to the top left corner of Russia. I had no map of the place so I blindly wandered the twisting cobbled streets in the centuries-old city of Tallinn. I walked past medieval markets, artists workshops, iron street lamps, and gothic spires before I entered the old town center. I spent some lazy hours at Troika, a traditional Russian restaurant located in the heart of the historic square, which was founded in the 1300’s. As I watched the passersby, I enjoyed smoked beaver and a sensational reindeer (the local “beef”) stuffed noodle soup. I then walked to a chocolatarie café, past Fat Margaret’s Tower (once used to protect the walled city from sea attacks) and to St. Olav’s Church, which was once the tallest building in the world. Here are my pictures from Tallinn, Estonia…

To better view this map, click on the “expand” icon in the far lower right corner and the map will open full size in a new window.


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