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If you like Hot Dogs…Thank this place…

Do You Like Hot Dogs (with or without kraut)? Then you must thank Frankfurt, Germany!

After a couple days in the small town of Sindelfingen – near Stuttgart, I ventured northward to Frankfurt – a beautiful city, which introduced sausage links to the world. I walked some blisters onto my feet, went to the top of the highest building in the city, and took a cruise down the River Main. Here are some of the sights….

To better view this map, click on the “expand” icon in the far lower right corner and the map will open full size in a new window.


11 thoughts on “If you like Hot Dogs…Thank this place…

  1. Ben Harrison

    Hi there. If you are reading this – please post a quick comment so I know my site is getting looked at. I’m still trying to figure all this stuff out. Thanks – Benji

  2. Dave Hall


    I had no idea of the tragic loss of your wife and mother. I am so sorry, and wish we could have caught up when you were here in the Virginia Beach area. I will continue to follow your ventures. God speed and good travels my friend!

    Dave Hall

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