Backpack Benji

Florence: Italian City of Art.

From Venice, I moved south, passing through the Tuscan hills and weaving through characteristic villages – little gems that have remained the same for centuries. I eventually arrived in Florence, the heart of Tuscany.  In Italy there are no trains or signs to “Florence”, only to “Firenze” – the proper Italian name for the city, which is full of amazing art!  Aside from museums and other obvious art venues displaying works by Donatello, Michelangelo, and others; art is everywhere in Florence: from the beauty at the Piazza Del Duomo where a cathedral built between 1059-1128 stands, to the streets where art spilled out onto outer walls, doorways, and even the street itself as artisans crafted images of figures that would be washed away with the next days’ rain.  The vintage Fiat’s, and cool Vespa scooters added to the Italian scenes and I enjoyed a few tasty Tuscan meals in Uffizi square.

I also snapped some photos in sepia mode:

I spent some time with new friends learning to make authentic gelato from the best raw products, and also took a class from a famous local Pizzaiolo where we learned the step-by-step secrets to making the best pizza I have ever eaten…and trust me, when you make your own pizza coached by a true Italian chef with fine ingredients in a professional kitchen in Florence, Italy, it will be the best pizza you will ever eat!

I spent some time at Ponte Vecchio, an arched bridge over the Amo River full of gold shops and art galleries.  It was a scenic ending to an art-filled day.