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Fear Factor Lunch in Latvia!

Back across the Baltic I sailed…this time to Riga, Latvia where I took in the sights of the centuries-old town. Different steeples, different peoples, but one notices that most all the European cities generally have an old town and also a bustling city center. Riga, however was a bit quiet with not too many obvious tourists.

I went to a very old brewery for lunch and I was one of only a few patrons there. They brought me some unique bread with oil for dipping and a wonderful bowl of sauerkraut soup. Delish! For the main course I had the chef’s special….a unique, lightly coated white meat with a cream sauce – served with pickled onions, rye bread with toppings, and fresh salad greens. Not bad at all. I finished my plate, went to pay my bill, and asked if they had a business card because I like to collect cards from memorable restaurants from which I eat. The owner beckoned me inside and wanted to show me his medium-scale brewery operation. He also had to know if I enjoyed the meal and his chef’s special of the day: sliced bull testicles!

I was experiencing the joys of adventure travel…combined with adventurous eating.

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