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Nuremburg & Cologne, Germany.

I met up with my brother and we headed over to Frankfurt where I introduced him to the city that invented sausage. We walked over the Main River and I snapped this photo of the “locks of love” where lovers seal their relationship by placing a lock on the iconic bridge.  This scene is replicated on bridges around the world.

Locks of Love.

Locks of Love.

Nuremburg is an ideal German city with many half-timbered buildings, cobbled streets, lots of typical German fare, and idyllic waterways. The Imperial Castle Nuremburg, one of the most important castles of the Middle Ages, overlooks the welcoming and mostly tranquil city.  We walked the streets as locals shopped and made our way up to the lurid Ehekarussll Fountain, which paints a grim representation of the course of a sad marriage from dating to death. We hung out in Piazza dei Signori where locals were shopping at the weekend market, enjoyed the views of the historical buildings that seemed to float on the water, and stopped for breaks at Restaurant Burgwachter, just at the base of Imperial Castle Nuremburg and also the small Hausbrauerei Altstadhof, where we sat overlooking the Albrecht Dürer-platz.

The permanent exhibition of the Nuremburg trials is located here and worth a visit if time permits. We toured the Nazi parade grounds and the Nazi party rally grounds museum, which informs visitors of the background, progression and aftermath of the Nazi rally party grounds and of the Nuremburg trials and the world famous courtroom 600.

We then travelled down to Cologne to attend a concert.  While in Cologne we walked the city, taking in sights including a random “green house” and the incredible spires of the amazing Cologne Cathedral.

If you enjoy exploring history and wish to experience real German cities, find your way to Nuremburg or Cologne.