Backpack Benji


After I saw my brother off, I took an overnight train from Munich to Rome, where my sister flew in the following day. I met her at the airport and helped her experience her own Roman Holiday.  Our first stops were to The Coliseum and the Roman Forum.

Getting lost on the streets of Rome is one of travels great adventures. With incredible architecture, savory food, and ancient art around every corner and down every twisted cobbled street, getting lost while meandering through the ancient capital is always a new and amazing experience.  We ascended the old stone staircase of the Spanish Steps and took a break to marvel at the ancient buildings as we soaked up the culture.

After getting lost in the grand Roman atmosphere, culture, smells, sounds, and food; we ended up at the Vatican where we visited St. Peters Basilica (the largest church in the world), and marveled at the enormous courtyard where we sat and enjoyed a leisurely meal.


Rome…where you will fall in love with the architectural mix, the beauty, the food, the sky, and the immense cultural richness.