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The Sights and People in Helsinki.

I took an overnight cruise ship from Stockholm, Sweden to Helsinki, Finland; a country that has over one million saunas! I took a sauna on the cruise, and another in my hotel.  On my second day in Helsinki, I walked just over seven miles as I took in the sights all around the beautiful city.

In  Helsinki you’re never far from water and some of the tap water is piped straight from nature. I took some short cuts and went off the beaten path along a river. I visited Temppeliaukion, a church built into a rock where practice for a concert was in session – the acoustics were amazing. I walked to Sibelius park to check out the famous pipe sculpture that you can play with.  I also went up the tower built for the 1952 Olympics and got a birds eye view of the city.  Scroll through the pictures below to get a peak of Helsinki and then see the additional posts below….

I strolled down to the food market one day. Besides a lot of fish, they had some tasty handmade organic and small-batch cow and goat cheeses that cannot be bought abroad.  Tasty!

Helsinki seemed to be a very laid back city. The people seemed to stretch the limits of fashion and style with no one much caring or looking twice. Here’s a look at some of the people I captured on camera…


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