Backpack Benji

The Hague, and Keukenhof.

I flew back to Germany and met some friends who convinced me to go to the small town of Lisse to visit the Keukenhof, a park of about 7 million flowers covering nearly 80 acres!  On the hike to my hotel, I ran into a University of Virginia graduate…in the Hague!

I arrived by train from Germany to The Hague, where we stayed for a few days exploring the famed city of international justice and home to the International Criminal Court and the International Court of Justice. The city is sleek and trendy, yet filled with traditional canals, bicycles, and traditions of Southern Holland.  During my wanderings I strolled by the International Peace Palace, and the home of Dutch Royalty.

From The Hague I went to Lisse, and upon arriving at the Keukenhof flower show, I discovered acres of bulb fields, breathtaking colorful surroundings, and let my senses smell, see, and listen to the most excellent flower show.  The park was filled with tulips, lilies, orchids, daffodils, hyacinths and more. The entire show buzzed with color and fragrance and I found it both enchanting and inspiring.

If you enjoy flowers, especially tulips; come to Holland in the Spring and attend the world famous Keukenhof.