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The Onion Festival, with No Onions.

We drove next to the town of Esslingen to attend the annual Onion Festival. We took a tour of the town including the local Lutheran Church (traditionally when a ruler chose his religion, all citizens had to convert or move – and now the entire town is still mostly Lutheran). The church recently celebrated their twelve-hundredth anniversary. I sat in a pew from the middle ages and was captivated by the craftsmanship of the original stained glass panels made by French artists. The Onion Fest was not about onions, but instead paid tribute to an ancient tale where, according to legend, a market woman drove the devil out of the city by giving him an onion instead of an apple when he asked for something to eat. The main town Marktplatz was filled with food, local sekt (German sparkling wine), and music. It was exciting to experience yet another beautiful ancient German town.

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